question regarding portupgrade for php on 5.3

Steve steve at
Fri Nov 11 16:33:13 GMT 2005

Forgive me if this is either a n00b or dumb question...this is the first 
time I'm trying things this way.

I'm using 5.3 on i386 architechture.  I have installed the portupgrade 
package with the intention of upgrading php4 on my box from 4.3.10 to 4.4.

I installed portupgrade then I made a backup of /var/db/pkg (following the 
Lehey FreeBSD book) and tried:

 >portupgrade -v php4

Expecting it would just go and upgrade to the current php4.4.1 package, 
instead I get the message:

"no need to upgrade php4-4.3.10_2 (>= php4-4.3.10_2). specify -f to force."

So what should I do?

Steve Bopple 

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