Status of 6.0 for production systems

stan stanb at
Fri Nov 11 04:02:10 GMT 2005

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 02:35:16PM +1100, Michael Vince wrote:
> Gayn Winters wrote:
> >
> I prefer the idea of the FreeBSD team aiming at only the latest 
> hardware, all I use is brand new server equipment.
> I don't like the idea that FreeBSD features and performance development 
> could be hampered by the core guys trying to make stuff work on old 
> hardware, in fact if it was a fact that a lot more performance and 
> features could be in 6.x if they dropped support for everything below 
> 1ghz for x86 I would be happy, I got a few older machines but they could 
> go onto NetBSD since its a very similar OS as it has the same rc script 
> system which FreeBSD imported from NetBSD to start with.

I would have to disagree strongly with this. I'v got about 50 PII machines
deployed running FreeBSD 4/5, and I'd really hate to migrate to another
BSD, just because ome one wanted to try to optimize for the latest gee whiz

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