After 6.0-RELEASE, still cannot find ATA disk com VIA8235

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Thu Nov 10 21:04:34 GMT 2005

On 11/10/05, João Carlos Mendes Luis <jonny at> wrote:
> Andrew P. wrote:
> > On 11/10/05, João Carlos Mendes Luis <jonny at> wrote:
> >
> >>Andrew P. wrote:
> >>
> >>>Please, do some research (googling) before asking
> >>>such questions, as they usually require much more
> >>>info.
> >>
> >>     I did, indeed, and found absolutely nothing.  Do you have some info I
> >>don't?  Please tell me.
> >
> >
> > I just was annoyed that you didn't get the make
> > of your IDE controller right.
> Didn't I?
> Looking to the ASUS site, the P4VP-MX board uses the VIA8325 southbridge:
> Not 8233A as you said.
> Also, FreeBSD detects the 8235 chip.  It cannot just detect the disks.

Hmm, that's strange. The P4M266A chipset comes with
VT8233A, in fact it's too old for the 8235 chip. I think
this might be related to the whole issue.

[I don't like almost everything that Asus does for a long
time now]

I'm sorry about growling at you about the research thing
and all. Should sleep more, I do.

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