"Out of range" starting Xorg on dual display

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Thu Nov 10 20:35:15 GMT 2005

Garrett Cooper wrote:

> Pat,
>     That's not the actual refresh range for the monitor, it's just the  
> currently used range.
>     What you want to do is search for "{maker} {model} horizontal  
> refresh" in google; the pages which come up are the ones you want to  
> refer to for your xorg.conf configuration.

If the maker was tremendously foresighted, the information you need 
may appear in the small print on the back or bottom of the monitor 

If not, you may find it handy to inscribe the H and V rate ranges 
there with a Sharpie marker once you find it. I've been through this 
particular annoyance a couple of times now, that's now my standard 
practice upon taking a new monitor out of the shipping carton. 
Finding the information on the web (or even in the product manual) 
is not always easy, and the xorg automated config tools can't always 
guess right.

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