remove -tag=CC from libtool

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Nov 10 18:52:22 GMT 2005

In the last episode (Nov 10), Jeff Kreska said:
> I am running 5.3-RELEASE I think, it says 5.3-SECURITY in the sysinstall prog
> I am having a heck of a time getting my newly supped ports tree to compile.
> Several of the programs are calling libtool with a --tag=CC and then it fails with the following error:
> libtool15: link: unable to infer tagged configuration
> libtool15: link: specify a tag with `--tag'

It's a libtool bug, imho.  It should require both --tag and --mode for
all invocations, and not try to guess what the user wanted.

Are you running ccache or distcc (or have otherwise set CC to something
other than "cc" or "gcc")?  That's usually what causes it for me. 
Here's my fix, which will make it use the CC tag if its guess failed.

--- libtool15~  Thu Nov 10 12:49:57 2005
+++ libtool15   Thu Nov 10 12:49:57 2005
@@ -580,9 +580,7 @@
        # was found and let the user know that the "--tag" command
        # line option must be used.
        if test -z "$tagname"; then
-         $echo "$modename: unable to infer tagged configuration"
-         $echo "$modename: specify a tag with \--tag'" 1>&2
-         exit $EXIT_FAILURE
+         tagname=CC
 #        else
 #          $echo "$modename: using $tagname tagged configuration"

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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