Status of 6.0 for production systems

Danny Howard dannyman at
Thu Nov 10 18:00:49 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 03:14:25AM -0500, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> > As I understand it, 6.0 is primarily concentrating on improving some
> > of the major stuff introduced in 5.x, and shouldn't take nearly as
> > long to become a "stable" platform.  Even so, conventional wisdom
> > generally warns against using any X.0 release for critical
> > applications, but that depends on your definition of "critical" and
> > your level of tolerance for excitement.
> You really shouldn't think of 6.0 as "like a usual .0 release, so
> handle with care", but more like "5.4 plus extra optimization and
> stability fixes".  We spent nearly 6 months during the release cycle
> on stress-testing and fixing stability bugs, and that hard work
> resulted in a lot of fixes to long-standing bugs that have existed
> since FreeBSD 5.x.  In addition to the improved stability, performance
> is much better than 5.4 in several areas.
> Naturally there may be some regressions, but in the average case 6.0
> seems to be an outstanding release of FreeBSD no matter what version
> number you give it.

So ... I am genuinely curious ... if 6.0 is basically 5.4 plus
improvements, why isn't it called 5.5?



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