How do I chroot rsync like I chroot ftp ?

user user at
Thu Nov 10 15:35:45 GMT 2005

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, francisco at wrote:

> user writes:
> > What is the equivalent mechanism for rsync ?
> I have not used it myself, but was looking at rssh tonight. There is also a 
> program, not in the ports, called scopy or something of the like.
> Check the rssh port in the /usr/pots tree.. go to their web page. The 
> mention the URL for the other program.
> I am looking to do the same thing, chroot rsync, so will be looking at those 
> two options I mentioned above in coming days. 

scponly is another restricted shell like rssh.  It is under more active
development, and seems to have more features.

It's in the ports tree under shells.

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