Good idea or Bad idea?

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Thu Nov 10 04:45:05 GMT 2005

Hello all!

I'm running FreeBSD 5.4 now, and of course I'm thinking about my upgrade
to 6.0. What I'm wondering is if it's a Good Idea or a Bad Idea (tm) to
build everything from source. I have experience building linux from scratch
( and I have learned that sometimes it's just a better
idea to use binary packages (i.e. building everything from source can be
a waste of time if there is no performance gain, and it's easy to screw up.)

I have no trouble following docs, so I'm not really worried about blowing
everything up in the process (even though I might haha...) I'm just wondering 
if there are any real (noticeable) performance increases if I build my kernel 
and base system from source. Of course either way my ports will be compiled.

Any feedback is appreciated - especially in regards to {C,XX}FLAGS and even 
more appreciated in the case of "DO NOT USE -br34k-all when compiling __" ;) 
I've had my share of "oops I guess ____ didn't like -fomit-frame-pointer" in 
the past with linux ;)



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