Configuring default 6.0 install to send mail

Brooke Landers brooke.84 at
Thu Nov 10 02:37:33 GMT 2005

Hello list. I am learning FreeBSD and I'd like to know how to configure 
Sendmail to simply forward mail although it seems it's doing this by 
default. I can send mail, but it's being rejected since doesn't resolve. I'm using internal hosts that will 
never have DNS entries.

I'm looking for somewhere where I can specify that user at mylocalhost can send 
mail as user at I'm pretty sure that my mail would be accepted if 
I can do this.

I don't want to set up a mail server, I'd just like to know how I can get my 
logs and admin mail forwarded to an external address. I apologize for not 
sending this to a sendmail list, but I figured there may be something simple 
and specific to FreeBSD that I have overlooked.

Thank you for any help :)

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