Fails to boot after buildworld

myfreebsd at myfreebsd at
Thu Nov 10 01:54:19 GMT 2005

Hey all,

I don't know if this is a bug somewhere in the source but my system will not boot after I buildworld FreeBSD 6.0. I get the error:

Can't work out which disk to boot from

This error occurs right after the loader is booted and before the FreeBSD menu. System of course stalls here and says to press a key to reboot.

I used the GENERIC kernel, empty loader.conf, my cvs tag = RELENG_6 and my make.conf has:

CFLAGS= -O2 -mmmx -msse -msse2 -pipe -funroll-loops -ffast-math
CXXFLAGS+= -fconserve-space
COPTFLAGS= -O2 -pipe -funroll-loops -ffast-math

System runs fine from install just fails after updating source and rebuilding "world".

System is:
Dell Dimension 9100
P4 3.0ghz HTT
1 20G IDE
2 150G SATA (RAID 1)

Any suggestions? 


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