Masquerading Virtual domains in sendmail

Gayn Winters gayn.winters at
Wed Nov 9 22:47:35 GMT 2005

I'm installing sendmail.8.13.3 on FBSD 5.4 on  

I've configured /etc/mail/local-host-names to accept mail for and  

My user names look like and (a different Bob)  

Inside /etc/mail/virtusertable I map
bob at
bob at

Inbound all is well. BUT, 

What I can't figure out is how to masquerade mail from
as being from bob at AND ALSO HAVE masqueraded
as being from bob at

One test of this working is to be able to register both Bob's in the
FreeBSD mailing lists as bob at and bob at

Ideas? References?



Bristol Systems Inc.

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