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Ahnjoan Amous ahnjoan at
Wed Nov 9 04:43:50 GMT 2005

On 24 Oct 2005 09:22:34 -0400, Lowell Gilbert <
freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:
> Ahnjoan Amous <ahnjoan at> writes:
> > The short : I believe the problem I am having is due to routing. A DHCP
> > server sends me IP A.B.C.D with a default route of A.B.C.D. "dhclient"
> isn't
> > handling this well and I don't know how to fix it. Windows as well as
> Linux
> > DHCP clients do not have a problem with this and I am at my wits end
> trying
> > to figure out what combination of route commands will fix my issue.
> >
> > The long : I have a CellPipe ADSL router/bridge from Lucent. This device
> is
> > provided by our ISP. I am exploring the ZIPB functionality of the device
> to
> > allow my FreeBSD host to own the public IP. The basics of the
> configuration
> > for those unfamiliar is as follows. PPPoA is established by the device
> and
> > the the (public) IP acquired through the previous process is delivered
> to a
> > host behind that CellPipe via DHCP. After DHCP the device acts as a
> > "bridge", allowing the internal device to use the public IP as its own.
> I'm
> > sure this description is vague but I don't know any other way to
> explain.
> >
> > Info : After dhclient acquires its info the ethernet interface looks
> like
> > this
> > ifconfig ethernet interface √ inet A.B.C.D netmask
> > <><>
> >
> > When I connect a windows or Linux host they seem to treat the interface
> as
> > the default route and work as expected. With FreeBSD I have tried
> removing
> > all routes for the device after assignment, and then adding default
> route
> > based on -interface flag for route command. I have also tried opening up
> the
> > netmask on the ethernet interface and adding a default route destined
> for
> > what I know the PPPoA connections end point is.
> >
> > Nothing I have tried seems to work. I don't consider myself an expert by
> any
> > means but this is clearly beyond my knowledge.
> >
> > I'm happy to provide any information you need it you have an idea.
> Sounds like it's "really" an "unnumbered" interface.
> Did you try the "-iface" option to route(8)?

  Lowell - The -iface option worked for me. In the short term I have
mutilated the dhclient-script and manually added the -iface option to each
"route default" line. Not at all pretty but works for now. Thank you again
for the help, it is much appreciated.

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