receiving serial console output

ke.han ke.han at
Tue Nov 8 17:30:26 GMT 2005

I need to capture output from the 3rd phase boot of freeBSD 6.  I have a 
new server (which is the pc whose output needs capturing) and a laptop 
with freeBSD 6 working well.

I have read the handbook section

The handbook seems thorough on this subject, but not quite the "howto" 
that a newbie like me requires.

 From my reading, I distill my process as:
1 - connect a null modem cable between server and laptop.  ok, I can do 
2 - at the server boot loader prompt, enter the command:
	set console="comconsole"
3 - then enter command:
4 - now what??  I assume there is some software and setting to use on 
the laptop to receive the output from the server console???  I am happy 
just to receive it all to a file if that is easy enough.  Can someone 
please supply the missing link??

thanks, ke han

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