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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Nov 8 14:39:48 GMT 2005

> Hello list,
> I have FreeBSD + SendMail + Option Quota enable. If a user disk quota
> exceeded, I have receive this message:
> /var/mail/aj.bunyola: Disc quota exceeded
> Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours Will keep trying
> until message is 5 days old

Well, you have to check some things.
  How much disk does user 'aj.bunyola' have filled up
    and what is it being used for.   Maybe the mailbox is 
    already huge or the user has saved some large mail files
    or whatever.   The 'ls -l'  and 'du -dk *' commands in
    appropriate directories will help with this.   NOTE that
    quota is by file system and not just directories.   So a user
    may be using disk in more than one place.   You can also use find(1)
    to locate all the disk a user is occupying in a file system.

  What is user aj.bunyola quota set at.   
    From root run  'quota -u af.bunyola'  to find out
    what is set for each file system with quotas turned on.
    I suspect that the quota for this user might be set at some
    unreasonably low amount on the /var filesystem.

  You might not want quotas turned on for the /var filesystem if
  it is not part of another filesystem.

> How can modify this message?

By either: 

  - Turning off quotas on that file system
  - raising the user's quota
  - getting the user to clean out old files until their use
    gets below the quota.


> Thanks
> PD: Sorry, my english is very bad.
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