debug.log questions

Sean Murphy smurphy at
Mon Nov 7 23:35:26 GMT 2005

I'm running FreeBSD 5.4 with sendmail that was included with FreeBSD.

There is a debug.log that I have questions about.

Is the debug.log just for mail troubleshooting?

Can I turn it off or reduce the amount of logging?

in /var/log/debug.log i see the following

Nov  7 15:00:12 muse2 ipop3d[34683]: pop3s SSL service init from 172.x.x.x
Nov  7 15:00:12 muse2 imapd[34684]: imaps SSL service init from 172.x.x.x

   These should be in the maillog file right?
I did some searching on google and I found that these are just clients 
checking there mail.


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