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martinko martinkov at
Mon Nov 7 18:35:07 GMT 2005

Allen D. Tate wrote:
>>Very disappointing. I prefer the current logo over a ball with two
>>horns!!! and the font used to write FreeBSD is very unprofessional.
> It is interesting to see differing opinions. I kinda like the new logo
> and new font and think that it does look professional. I am not saying
> that your opinion is wrong in any way so don't think I am saying you're
> wrong. :)
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well, everyone has a different opinion on this. but even without saying 
whether i like the new font or not, when i look at it closely it does 
look that it needs more touch and polishing. i'm not an expert on 
typography, it's just a feeling. it would be usefull if the font was 
published in a vector format or at least in big resolution. the same 
goes for the rest of presented art.


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