How to sort find results

Jeffrey Ellis jellis at
Mon Nov 7 17:14:28 GMT 2005

Ok. It looks like:

Find -x / -ls

basically gives me what I need. But I am seeing two things I still need to
do to the results. First, I need to sort the ls by modification time. It
seems none of the options for ls work from within find -- or at least with
the syntax ls -x. I also looked at doing something like find -x / -ls |
sort, but when I look at the sort man, it doesn't say how to sort by
particular criteria.

The other thing is in the find man it says the -ls option displays the
modification time of each file, but what I see is actually just the date
"May 21 2004". No times. Is there a way to display the actual times?

Thanks again :)

All My Best,

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