Subject: Re: Diagnosing reboot under load

Micah micahjon at
Mon Nov 7 15:11:50 GMT 2005

Gorski, Jim wrote:
> Micah,
> I had a motherboard fail with a similar set of symptoms.
> Mine was due to bad capacitors on the motherboard itself.
> Take a look and make certain that none of them are swollen
> or pushing material out the top.
> Heat also leads to random resets - is your fan still running
> smoothly or is it covered in dust and cat hair like mine..?
> Best of luck - hope this helps,
> Jim Gorski
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> Subject: Re: Diagnosing reboot under load
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>>>>>Micah wrote:
>>>>>>My desktop system just started doing this last night.  I was 
>>>>>>upgrading Gnome using the handy shell script they provide.  It 
>>>>>>looks like sometime around 11:30pm the computer reset.  This 
>>>>>>morning I'm trying to reinstall all the software that got lost in 
>>>>>>last night's reset and I get another reset in the middle of 
>>>>>>compiling.  The last message in /var/log/messages before reboot
> is:
>>>>>>Nov  6 10:41:08 trisha ntpd[489]: kernel time sync enabled 6001
>>>>>>Nov  6 10:58:14 trisha ntpd[489]: kernel time sync enabled 2001
>>>>>>Nov  6 13:02:57 trisha syslogd: kernel boot file is /boot/kernel/
>>>>>>I just ran memtest86+ and there's no memory errors.  I'm guessing 
>>>>>>it's a hardware issue, but how do I diagnose it?
>>>>>Could it be a bad power supply? Try swapping in another one and 
>>>>>see what happens.
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I cleaned out all the fans, but they weren't that dirty.  I can't test 
the temps while the system is under load (have to reboot and check them 
in the bios).  My Dad said he'd bring by his spot-read thermometer if he 
remembers so I can check the temps of everything.  The CPU heatsink and 
memory are cool to the touch under load.  I didn't see any obvious signs 
of burnt/damaged components.  No telltale smell either.


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