Question about FreeBSD Handbook

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Nov 7 14:31:17 GMT 2005

Arseny Solokha <b0ntrict0r at> writes:

> I'v partially read FreeBSD Handbook. To my mind this documentation
> had been wrote most about releases 4 and 5 newest than 5.2.1.

The intention is to keep everything up to date, while keeping it
relevant to any release from (at least) the last two or three years.
5.2.1 was an "early adopters" release
so it is intentionally not documented as carefully as releases
that were intended for general use.

>                                                               In
> beginning of the documentation, in chapter 2.3.2 you wrote about
> Kernel Configuration. How to start Kernel Configuration in release
> 5.2.1? Should I edit kernel configuration file and rebuild a kernel?
> By this way, I have troubles while I rebuild a kernel! 'Make'
> returns errors while kernel linking was started.

Go back to the GENERIC kernel and make a few changes at a time, so
that you will be easily able to figure out which change was the
problem.  Or just stay with the GENERIC kernel, if it works fine for

>                                                  I should attach my
> kernel configuration file but BSD works on virtual machine and I
> need to copy this file on a USB flash but I don't know how to
> connect it to BSD.

There is a FAQ entry on that.

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