5.2 x hangs

Ivan S. Anisimov self at ivansa.ru
Mon Nov 7 07:27:26 GMT 2005


I've recently upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2 (custom kernel with the only addition -
device pcm) and encountered the following problem: x server hangs the whole
system time after time on initialization or shutdown. x starts clearly once out
of three-four times. video card is radeon 8500 (card is not listed, I pointed
xf86cfg to use ati driver). some video modes (low resolution and bitrate) seem
to be more stable, but all of those I tried cause a lock up. Previously
installed 5.0 on the same machine worked perfectly.

Could you please help solve this?

Many thanks in advance,

Ivan S. Anisimov
cel.   +7 (916) 134 72 33
email  self at ivansa.ru
www    http://ivansa.ru

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