Fast diff command for large files?

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Nov 7 04:19:57 GMT 2005

> We do the mirroring by running a program that dumps the FoxPro
> tables out as tab-delimited files.  Thus far, we'd been using
> PostgreSQL's "copy from" command to read those files into the
> database.  In reality, though, a very, very small percentage of
> rows in those tables actually change.  So, I wrote a program
> that takes the output of diff and converts it into a series of

I think the problem could be considered another way.

if you have access to the "legacy/FoxPro" application, it should be
modifed to add a timestamp to each reccord modification.

Then you could only dump those reccords that were modified since the
last change.

That seems to me the only long term viable solution that could sizeup
nicely with your set of data.

Not to mention that once implemented it would be much much faster.


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