6.0 panics on boot

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Mon Nov 7 02:15:32 GMT 2005

At 07:54 PM 11/6/2005, Hans Nieser wrote:
>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>At 07:19 PM 11/6/2005, Hans Nieser wrote:
>>>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>>>I have a computer that has been running FreeBSD 4.X and 5.X without
>>>>problems.  It runs 5.4 with no problems at all.  This system has an 
>>>>Intel 845 Motherboard and chipset, Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB 
>>>>RAM, NVidea GEForce MX/MX 400 video card, atapi CD-RW, IDE hard drive, 
>>>>standard floppy.  Nothing very exotic in this hardware.
>>>>I tried first to cvsup to 6.0, and rebuild everything.  The build was 
>>>>fine including a custom kernel, but when I tried to boot the new 6.0, I 
>>>>got a panic, Fatal trap 12, page fault at the NVidea driver in the 
>>>>boot.  So I re-booted the kernel.old, reverted my sources to 5.4 and 
>>>>rebuilt the system all again.
>>>>As the system rebuilt I downloaded and burned the ISO 6.0 image.
>>>>I tried to boot the ISO image and do a binary upgrade.  The CD booted 
>>>>6.0 fine, and the upgrade installed with only one error that the X.org 
>>>>was already present.  When I tried to boot the new 6.0 GENERIC kernel 
>>>>that was installed, I got the same panic/page fault error I had when I 
>>>>updated via cvsup.
>>>>But since the same GENERIC kernel boots fine from CD I suspect there 
>>>>may be some loader options I might need?  I'd appreciate any help with 
>>>>getting 6.0 to boot without the panic.
>>>Hi Derek,
>>>You probably just have to stop the nvidia driver from loading by 
>>>specifying "unset nvidia_load" at the boot prompt and reinstall the 
>>>nvidia driver once the system is booted.
>>>That's what I did at least, and I have had no problems while I've heard 
>>>from other people that didn't disable and rebuilt their nvidia drivers 
>>>that they also got panics on boot.
>>Let me see if I understand the process.  When I go to boot 6.0, escape to 
>>the boot prompt, then type:
>>unset nvidia_load
>>Once the system boots then, how do I reinstall the nvidia driver?  That 
>>last step has me confused.  Would I rebuild the kernel again?  Or 
>>something else?
>I (hopefully correctly) assumed you were using NVIDIA's own native drivers 
>for FreeBSD as a loadable module (from the x11/nvidia-driver port), if so, 
>then after booting without the nvidia module loaded, a "portupgrade -f 
>nvidia-driver" should do the trick (or pkg_delete nvidia-driver && cd 
>/usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver && make install clean).
>But just in case, this is how I upgraded my system; I deleted all the 
>ports/packages I had installed (since they have to be rebuilt for 6.0 
>anyway) with "pkg_delete -a", cvsupped ports and the RELENG_6_0 sources, 
>rebuilt the kernel/world, commented out any third party modules (including 
>nvidia) in /boot/loader.conf, rebooted and installed all the packages 
>(including x11/nvidia-driver) I needed, and that's basically it.

Yes I am using the nvidia driver that is from x11/nvidia-driver.  I guess 
since I don't have the system boot into X, this didn't occur to me.  It 
makes sense that the problem is this driver getting loaded at boot since it 
is in my loader.conf and the CD doesn't have that.

I figured it would be something simple I was tripping on.  Thanks for the 
help, I will try it and see how it works out.


>Yes I am using the nvidia driver that is from x11/nvidia-driver

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