NFS Installation Issues

Matthew Smith matt at
Sun Nov 6 23:58:50 GMT 2005

>>So, my real question remains: how does one get a network card
> You don't have to. The GENERIC kernel comes with all network card
> drivers built as modules. If FreeBSD has a driver for your network
> chip/card, it should show up.
It's a generic PCI card based on the Realtek 8139C - the hardware file
on CD1 suggests that this is supported. Motherboard is an old Gigabyte
GA71XE4 with an AMD Duron 850.

> If it doesn't, make sure that it's not disabled in the BIOS and that the
> cable is actually connected to the hub/router.
The card and connection certainly work - this box is normally a Linux
machine, but currently has a 2.5" hard disc in so that I can get FreeBSD
 installed and then transfer to an old ThinkPad.  Light showing all OK
on Ethernet switch.

I can't see anything in the BIOS (AMIBIOS) that should be stopping it
other than PnP OS Installed=No.  (This doesn't affect operation under

> If none of that works, try to give us some details about the
> chip/card. Make and model if possible.
The big worry is that Ethernet doesn't even come up as an option.  Think
I'll try a card with a different chipset and see if that helps any.

I've just had a look through /var/log/messages and have spotted some
lines that may be relevant:

{timestamp} kernel: re0: couldn't map ports/memory
{timestamp} kernel: rl0: couldn't map ports/memory
{timestamp} kernel: pci0: <network, ethernet> at device 8.0 (no driver



Matthew Smith
South Australia

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