how to setup DNS server and making sub-domains in DSL server

Chris racerx at
Sun Nov 6 22:41:37 GMT 2005

Paul Waring wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 02:01:00PM -0600, Chris wrote:
>>Your fisrt and hardest roadblock will be getting your provider to allow
>>YOU to be authoritive for the IP or IP's you use.
> That's not necessary - I host the DNS, web sites and mail for a dozen
> different domains off an IP address for which I don't control the DNS
> (in fact it doesn't even have a DNS record). Reverse DNS control is
> always useful, but not a requirement for what he wants to do.
> Paul

It may not be necessary - but to do it right... I for one like to have
mu IP's resolve both forward and reverse. It's just professional looking
as a whole.

But - to each thier own I suppose.

Best regards,

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