how to setup DNS server and making sub-domains in DSL server

Edwin D. Vinas xmisoy at
Sun Nov 6 19:39:01 GMT 2005

 I need your help please.
On my personal FreeBSD server connected to an ISP with static IP address,
I'm planning to setup several websites with their own sub-domains from my
main domain as shown below. I just want to know some answers to my questions
before I start.
 Main domain: <>
Sub-domains: <> <> <>
 I want to use BIND together with my Apache virtual hosting in one single
FreeBSD machine.
 These are my questions:
1) Is it correct that I only need to register or pay for the main domain?
2) Is it correct that through my local DNS server, I can add sub hosts (sub1
to sub3) without anymore registering those sub domains and pay for them in
my main domain provider?
3) Provided that I already have successfully setup my local DNS server,
Apache virtual hosting and main domain activated, is it straightforward that
I can already access the sub domains (i.e., websites) from the Internet?
4) Do I need to register sub1, sub2 and sub3 in any external domain
5) Can you provide some sample configs if you are already doing this setup?
  Thank you in advance!
- Misoy

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