LDM (Windows Dynamic Disks) in FreeBSD?

Andrew Brampton andrew at bramp.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 17:44:25 GMT 2005


I think I've found the answer to my question already, but I wanted to be 
100% sure.

Can I read Window Dynamic Disk volumes from within FreeBSD? More precisely 
RAID-5 volume across multiple disks. I've googled and googled and I think 
the answer is no. The linux-ntfs project has a tool that can display 
information about the volume but the file system driver isn't fully 
developed yet.

If there is no LDM support in FreeBSD, I think I'm going to port the 
userland linux-ntfs ldminfo tool to FreeBSD, however I have a quick question 
about GPL. If I port the code then obviously my version will have to be 
under the GPL. I was wondering how this impacts the BSD licence? I presume 
users of FreeBSD can happily use this tool, and hopefully one day it would 
be allowed in ports. But say I extended this tool into a file system driver 
(which I know is a big leap) would this code ever be considered for the 
Kernel, or would I have to code from scratch to avoid the GPL restrictions?

Thanks in advance

Andrew Brampton

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