5.4 Generic Kernel - da and scbus...I'm at a loss

Clay crs.freebsd_mailinglist at users.nuaptools.com
Sun Nov 6 05:02:03 GMT 2005


I am a newbie to kernel related things.  I'm running 5.4 using the generic 
kernel.  I am problems with using an iPod via USB, and it seems that I may 
not have device support for sa and scbus in my kernel.  I have been 
searching for a few hours this evening using various criteria and am still 
unable to get past this issue.

It seems like the failure is that a device node /dev/da* for the umass drive 
isn't be created.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am going to try booting 
the 6.0 kernel off CD next and then go from there.


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