Peter Clutton peterclutton at
Sat Nov 5 23:48:31 GMT 2005

> > rick wrote:
> >
> > >how is freebsd for gaming needs ive used linux and windows for years.???

Andrew wrote:
> *BSD is still a few years (months?) off from entering
> the desktop (and gaming) market, but it will, and when
> it does, all its strengths will shine. Commercially
> speaking, if you want to see (preview) the future now,
> learn FreeBSD, use it, love it.

Wow, it's cool to hear someone say that! I really hope it is a serious
player in the desktop and especially gaming market soon. Absolutely
the _only_ thing i use Windows for is computer games. In every other
area of the desktop (server goes without saying) I've found a better
tool for the job on FreeBSD. My main desktop now is my Sony Vaio
running FreeBSD 5.4. Game developers need to start making everything
for OpenGLout of the box.

> Yesterday, I spent 4 hours playing UT2004. And it
> seemed to run faster than on Windows. At least it
> felt much cooler :-)

Nice, it definitely would feel cooler! With all that in mind, i might
focus on switching over the last dregs of Windows, and doing my gaming
on FreeBSD. New project!

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