i need some suggestions

Bob Ababurko ababurko at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 5 20:51:45 GMT 2005


I am looking for some ammunition.  My employer is all of a sudden 
enthralled with plesk.  I guess the customers are asking for it.  What 
can they want it for?  Mail account creation, web stats and i dont 
really know.  First I should say, what we do.  It is basically a little 
web/app developing, hosting gig which is growing.   I do all the system 
administration and network administration.

I can say that my motivation is self centered for either reason, that I 
hate working with plesk.  I am hoping that I would be able to find some 
more reasons why implementing plesk is not a good idea so that I can 
approach him with something other than my own contempt.  Like I said, I 
do not seem to have these reasons in my head yet.  The reasons that I 
thought of already is that having all the services on one machine is not 
so good.....but why?  All I can think of is that administration is much 
harder, especially when there are more than one plesk machine.  We 
already have separate services running on separate boxes...mail, db, and 
many web, but it seems that everyone likes a gui.  btw, we are running 
all of our services on FreeBSD.  I didn't really know what other list to 
do this on since their isn't an anti-plesk list that I know of.....I wish!

If anyone has any ideas or options of why we should not use plesk, I 
would like to hear some refreshing insight other than my brain at the 


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