getting an old NIC to work

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Sat Nov 5 15:21:57 GMT 2005

> Nope, generic kernel, not rebuilt at all.  Yes, 
> does work from other machines on the local network.  For 
> example, here's the netstat from the machine I'm writing on 
> this minute:
> working_machine>$ netstat -rn
> Routing tables
> Internet:
> Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  
> Netif Expire
> default          UGSc        2        0    ed0
>          UH          1    22924    lo0
> 192.168.1          link#1             UC          4        0    ed0
>        00:09:5b:50:37:76  UHLW        3     9263  
>   ed0   1199
>        00:40:05:55:aa:68  UHLW        5      102    lo0
>        00:0c:41:0c:95:d0  UHLW        0    12790  
>   ed0   1134
>        00:c0:26:c0:ec:89  UHLW        1    21435  
>   ed0    847
> this one's working fine.

It appears as though everything is in order. The routes are in place,
IP/SN is all correct etc.

You are going to have to take a step down now to the lower layers of the
network stack.

Perform this command while plugged into the network and let it run a

# tcpdump -n -i pcn0

What this will do is see if the nic can see traffic coming from other
machines. Throw some pings at it from another box, and even if the other
box doesn't get a reply, tcpdump will tell you if the nic can at least
see the incoming traffic. Also, run tcpdump on another box, and repeat
the process, but ping from the box with the 'bad' nic in it. Perhaps it
can send traffic, but just not receive. Doing this both ways will
indicate either way and may give you a clue.

Further that, even farther down, try a different cable and switch port
(one at a time). I know that may seem silly, but weirder things have

If all of that fails, due to the fact there is a driver loaded for the
device, and it is taking all of it's parameters ok, I would say slap a
new nic in the box and see if you can rx/tx traffic via it. If you can,
I'd say then there is a problem with the nic itself, and you have
confirmed it logically and completely.



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