CD burning no longer working

David Fleck david.fleck at
Sat Nov 5 15:19:52 GMT 2005

System: FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p11

acd0: <MSI CD-RW MS-8348/V140D> CD-RW drive at ata1 as master
acd0: read 689KB/s (6032KB/s) write 344KB/s (8273KB/s), 2048KB buffer, PIO4
acd0: Reads: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA stream, packet
acd0: Writes: CD-R, CD-RW, test write, burnproof
acd0: Audio: play, 255 volume levels
acd0: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
acd0: Medium: no/blank disc

The system has a CD-RW device which has, in the past, worked fine.  Trying 
to burn an .iso right now, however, and getting the following behavior:

  # burncd -f /dev/acd0c data /misc/backup_assemble/backup051105.iso fixate
  next writeable LBA 0
  writing from file /misc/backup_assemble/backup051105.iso size 408480 KB
  written this track 1472 KB (0%) total 1472 KB
  only wrote -1 of 32768 bytes err=5

  fixating CD, please wait..
  burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error

while the kernel complains:
  Nov  5 09:15:10 grond /kernel: acd0: WRITE_BIG - MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x02 ascq=0x00 error=0x00
  Nov  5 09:15:10 grond /kernel: acd0: CLOSE_TRACK/SESSION - ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x72 ascq=0x04 error=0x00

Same behavior with 2 different CDs.
Used to work, now it doesn't, so I'm tempted to blame the hardware.  But 
does anyone have any more specific ideas of what might be going on here?

David Fleck
david.fleck at

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