gmirror clearing configuration

Danny Howard dannyman at
Fri Nov 4 23:52:49 GMT 2005

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 06:30:45PM -0500, Dave wrote:
> Hello,
>    I'm trying to set up raid1 on fbsd 5.4-RELEASE no patches yet installed 
> just a vanilla release box. I've messed up somewhere, the primary drive is 
> smaller than the secondary drive and i'm using Ralf's second procedure. My 
> problem is i can't clear the metadata from either the first or second drive 
> so i can start again, i load gmirror then issue a gmirror clear and it says 
> it can't clear the metadata. Any help appreciated.


I have not run in to your problem, but someone did post a comment to my gmirror
blog entry at
... here is the text:

ok gmirror can do the work here is how,

if you have tried and failed using various methods of gmirror, you will
likely have data tagged at the end sectors of ad4 and ad6 or whatever
the first the disks are in your array.

before trying dannys method above, you need to clear these sectors. To
do this succesfully you must be logged in as root, you cant clear the
sectors on a live system so you must install a minimal instance of
freebsd [if you havent already] on as least two disks on your server,
then use the following command

### while booted from ad4
### while logged in as root

gmirror clear ad6

### while booted from ad6
### while logged in as root

gmirror clear ad4

### then you will be able to proceed with each and every step in Dannys
crib, to be safe do a clean install on ad4, [this is in the crib]

### urfx 



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