Mounting an iPod

edward kouye at
Fri Nov 4 22:09:37 GMT 2005

Assistance welcome, James. I finally gave up trying to mount the iPod as 
an HFS+ device and reformated it in FAT32. Now I can mount it and access 
its content (I use mount -t msdos /dev/da0s2 /mnt/ipod).
However, I can unmount it using umount /mnt/ipod, but I'm not quite sure 
how to get it to understand its not connected anymore. I wouldn't mind 
taking a look at the scripts you mentionned early on.
"The camcontrol utility can cause a loss of data and/or system crashes 
if used improperly.  Even expert users are encouraged to exercise 
caution when using this command.  Novice users should stay away from 
this utility" says the man page. With such an invitation, I can't wait 
to get my hands into this one :).

James Seward wrote:
> On 10/29/05, edward <kouye at> wrote:
>>The iPod uses an HFS+ file system. It's been loaded from a Mac.
>>I would like to mount it to /mnt/ipod
> A quick Google suggests you can try
> to add HFS support to FreeBSD,
> otherwise you're going to have to reformat your iPod for Windows and
> then mount it as FAT.
> I then added this line:
> /dev/da0s2              /ipod           msdos   rw,noauto       0       0
> to my fstab, and wrote myself a little ipod script I can use to mount
> and umount/eject it.
> To mount it it just mounts /ipod, and to eject it, i umounts /ipod and
> then calls camcontrol eject on the right device ID to eject it (so the
> iPod stops thinking it's connected).
> I can offer further assistance with the 2nd half but not the 1st half of this :)
> /JMS

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