snapshots on large filesystems

Nathan Vidican nvidican at
Fri Nov 4 20:45:47 GMT 2005

Not enough info to be entirely informative in my reply, but I'd look to rsync or 
something similar... copy data/snapshot to another machine. We're running a 
similar setup here using 250GB S-ATA RAID Edition drives and 3Ware Escalade 
9000-series controllers, a second machine simply rsync's the data from the first 
nightly... was cheaper to have whole second raid setup and dedicated gigabit 
ethernet from one machine to the other than was to invest in tape backup 
devices/media. In addition we do a bi-monthly snapshot on an external USB drive 
(via tar direct to device... not reccomend cause' it's slow, looking for a 
faster way myself to do that).

With the cost of 200+GB drives, and applicable decent performing raid cards... 
it's just cheaper in most cases to mirror the data on another machine. - but 
that's just my two cents ;)

Nathan Vidican
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user wrote:
> Hello,
> Considering a PC server running FreeBSD with 4 400 GB hard drives attached
> to a hardware raid controller doing raid-5.
> So this will present itself to the OS as a 1.2TB filesystem.
> Any comments on taking one or multiple snapshots of a filesystem of this
> size ?
> Given current disk capacities, I would not exactly consider this 1.2TB
> filesystem a "large" one ... any comments on say ... a 6-8 TB filesystem
> and making one or more snapshots of it ?
> Assume they are marginally busy - perhaps a 5-10% data turnover per day...
> Thanks.
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