a simple question...

Charles Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Fri Nov 4 18:17:27 GMT 2005

On Nov 4, 2005, at 1:12 PM, Javier Matos wrote:
> Hello, I´m a student of computer science and this year I must to do  
> an application using system calls.
> We are using linux system calls like "pid_t fork(void)" and other  
> services of the standard POSIX. I want to know if it´s possible to  
> use that system calls in FreeBSD because I prefer to improve my use  
> of freebsd. I will write my application in C and I have freebsd 5.4  
> with linux compability activated.

FreeBSD has a fork() system call of it's own, yes, along with all of  
the other system and library calls from POSIX and ANSI-C standards.   
If you write portable C, you can recompile your program under FreeBSD  
without using Linux emulation.


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