Non-system disk or disk error

Portie Owner portieowner at
Fri Nov 4 09:54:43 PST 2005

I am sure there is an easy solution to this but here
is my problem, and it is driving me nuts.  

The error message on boot is "Non-system disk or disk
error".  I only get this message if I do a warm reboot
with no power off.  If I halt the system and power off
and restart it boots right up.  

Computer is a Compaq AP500 (P-II 450mhz, 700MB Ram,
Adaptec SCSI card).  The system has two SCSI drives,
"C:" which is at ID 1 and "D:" which is at ID 2.  The
OS is FreeBDS 5.4, standard installation using the
FreeBSD-only boot manager (I also tried the alternate
FreeBSD boot choice).  No other OSs reside on the
machine and I have tried to start with a clean DOS
Fdisked bachine before installing FreeBSD.  The PC
does not have the Compaq bios partition installed but
that does not seem to matter.  I have not been able to
upgrade the ROM BIOS on this machine, but the Compaq
Diagnostics and Setup programs seem to work and report
the right information about the disks.  I even tried
disabling floppy and CD media boot but that dodn't
help either.  

Thanks, Portie

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