read grey text -ipf error on load

Efren Bravo efrenba at
Fri Nov 4 14:18:38 GMT 2005

>>When fbsd is booting, it shows an error in
>>white inside the gray but I'm not able to read
>>Where can I read this gray text or better the
>>error in bright white?

>dmesg has a copy of what was shown during boot.

>you can also hit the scroll-lock key and then
>page-up/page-down to scroll though the text
while >it's still on the 

I could see the error, I was trying to load
ipfilter in /rc.conf as handbook says but when
the os boots, it shows those messages:

link_elf: symbol in6_cksum undefined
kldload: can't load ipf: No such file or
/etc/rc: ERROR: IP-filter module failed to load.

I've looked at internet and I found that it's a
problem of my kernel because I compiled it
without IPv6.  
Is there a solution to install IPF without
compiling the kernel again?



Efren Bravo.

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