PHP 4.4.0->4.4.1 apache module include() problem

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Nov 4 14:03:10 GMT 2005

Max Belushkin wrote:

>    Dear all,
>  I've just updated from PHP 4.4.0 to PHP 4.4.1 (on FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE, 
>Apache 2.0.55). And now for a lot of scripts (the only common thing between 
>them is that they connect to mysql) I have the following strange behaviour:
>after apache startup (prefork mode), everything works fine for 3-4 requests. 
>After that, the following error starts appearing at random, more and more 
>often as time goes by:
>Cannot redeclare mmquery() (previously declared in /home/test/func_base.php:9) 
>in /home/test/func_base.php on line 9
>  At this point, mysql sockets start stacking as well, they do not get closed 
>(netstat -ta shows more and more with each above error message).
>  Now, func_base.php is included with "include_once". I tried even changing it 
>to "if (!$inc_done) include_once("func_base.php");" and setting "$inc_done=1" 
>in func_base.php - the exact same behaviour persists.
>  This was not the case with PHP 4.4.0 just 2 hours ago.
>  I've searched google, have seen similar questions but related to older PHP 
>versions, but no reasonable solutions.
>  I would be most grateful for any pointers...
    The web dev for our dept upgraded some software for a wiki to the
latest version because of PHP version changes, so what you may need to
do is change/upgrade any affected php software that accesses MySQL.

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