nssswitch - anyone using nss_X ? nss/freebsd complete?

Harti Brandt hartmut.brandt at dlr.de
Fri Nov 4 08:45:40 GMT 2005

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Nathan Vidican wrote:

NV>Anyone using any sort of nss_X.so module? Are there any open issues with
NV>FreeBSD/amd64 and nssswitch? I've been reading a good deal of archived
NV>mailing list messages regarding development/threading issues, but to no avail
NV>have I found any definitive answer as to if nssswitch works correctly and
NV>completely under FreeBSD.

I'm using nss_winbind. Seems to work. No idea if there are 64bit issues - 
I'm currently running it in 32bit only.


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