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Todd root at
Thu Nov 3 23:32:57 GMT 2005

Thank you!

Excellent, exactly what I needed.

The plan is to use disc1 of the release and modify it with a few 
packages and config changes to make an easily installable version of our 
modified desktop (Waimea/ROX/Webmin). I was going to use the BSD 
installer ( but this way seems to make more sense in 
the long run, and leads into creating a port of the desktop as well 
(which is planned).

Most likely we'll eventually make our own releases with a Live CD and a 
separate Install CD, so your reply was about as perfect as I could of 
ever hoped for.

Progress is slow as it's not a top priority, but a preview of the 
project is available here:

I hope to get some screen shots up  with in the next week or two.

files to the Antony Mawer wrote:

> On 4/11/2005 6:52 AM, Todd wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out how to use the sysinstall using a 
>> install.cfg script to install on multiple machines without floppies, 
>> and without needing any interaction other than putting in the CD.
>> I can create the script but don't know where to put it on the 
>> modified installation CD, or how to initiate sysinstall during the 
>> boot process to use it?
>> Any help will be greatly appreciated!
>> Todd
> Are you creating your own CDs using a 'make release' (see release(7)) 
> process? If so, I've generally followed an approach similar to the 
> following:
> 1. Create your install.cfg file in the /usr/src/release/ directory.
> 2. Create a patch file that will add your install.cfg to a standard
>    /usr/src tree:
>      cd /usr/src
>      diff -u /dev/null src/release/install.cfg > ~/local.patch
> 3. Make the release with the appropriate LOCAL_PATCH parameter:
>      make release \
>        CHROOTDIR=/some/dir \
>        CVSROOT=/usr/home/ncvs \
>        RELEASETAG=RELENG_6_0 \
>        LOCAL_PATCHES=/path/to/local.path
> That would build a 6.0 security branch build with your install.cfg in 
> /usr/src/release/ of the chroot. The make release process then takes 
> care of placing the install.cfg in the appropriate location on the CD.
> If you're attempting to patch an existing CD image, reading 
> /usr/src/release/Makefile suggests you'll need to:
>     - Extract the contents of the ISO
>     - Un-gzip and then mount the decompressed /boot/mfsroot.gz file
>     - Place your install.cfg in the root of the mounted mfsroot fs
>     - Unmount the mfsroot filesystem
>     - Re-gzip the mfsroot file to /boot/mfsroot.gz
>     - Run mkisofs to re-create the CD
> Hopefully this points you in the right general direction!
> Cheers
> Antony
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