Cron Job will not run.

Brandon Hinesley brandonh at
Thu Nov 3 21:40:14 GMT 2005

Okay, I exported the updated path to include "/usr/local/bin".  Still not
working though.  My script is in /usr/local/Backup/scripts/bkup-daily.
Since I'm referencing the absolute path in /etc/crontab like this:

35      13      *       *       *       root /usr/local

I don't have to export /usr/local/Backup/scripts, right?

root at server# export

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Merely adding it as an assignment is not enough for child
processes of the cron script to 'see' the value.  Make sure
you also 'export' the new PATH:

    export PATH

Then the rsync process will use the new PATH.

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