Installing wine on 6.0 RC

Roland Smith rsmith at
Thu Nov 3 16:47:45 GMT 2005

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 01:11:52AM +1100, paul thodiyil wrote:
> I am sort of new to FreeBSD and still learning the ropes. I am having great
> trouble installing WINE and indeed other packages on my AMD64 desktop
> running FreeBSD ver 6.0. I had added this package during the installation
> process.
>  With the 'whereis wine' command, I get: /usr/ports/emulators/wine
>  Then when I type pkg_add wine, I get 'can't stat package file wine'
>  Could someone tell me what I could be doing wrong?

Apart from the fact that wine only works on i386, you're confusing
packages and ports.

The command 'pkg_add wine' tells pkg-add to install a package from a
file called 'wine' in the current directory. You can read the manual
page for pkg_add with the command 'man pkg_add'.

/usr/ports/emulators/wine is the ports directory you can use to build
wine. To do so, do the following as root:

 cd /usr/ports/emulators/wine
 make install clean

On an amd64 machine, you'll get an error when running make, because wine
is only for i386.

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