Squirrelmail problem?

Julien Gabel jpeg at thilelli.net
Wed Nov 2 07:32:20 PST 2005

>>>>I've got a box running 5.4p8, latest versions of courier imap,
>>>>squirrelmail, and php 4.4.1. I'm seeing this issue; I can open message
>>>>#1, I can't open any other messsages, I get a timeout and a blank
>>>>page(plus the compose, address, etc).. other than that, I'm not sure
>>>>where to go with this, any thoughts?

>>>http is redirected to https - just in case that helps

>>After a php update, i usually need to reinstall squirrelmail and its
>>dependancies using `portinstall -Rf -m "-DWITH_OPENSSL" squirrelmail'
>>just to be sure all is rebuild with the correct SSL support.

> Hi i am working on the same issue...  Just to follow up i have
> reinstalled all dependancies for squirrelmail and same result. i have
> also tested over http no luck.
> it was working fine until earlier when i updated php, apache and a few
> other ports. As mentioned above most times the first message on login is
> loaded.. after that the timeout occurs... also there are a few instances
> where the message will load before the 30 sec timeout but will still
> take 20 - 25 secs to load..
> Composing, saving drafts, new mail all works fine.. the problem seems to
> ONLY be reading email and errors on read_body.php line 98|99 - clients
> using imap/pop from various other MUA's have no issue.
> *Fatal error*: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
> */usr/local/www/squirrelmail/src/read_body.php* on line *98*
> *Fatal error*: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
> */usr/local/www/squirrelmail/src/read_body.php* on line *99*

I am not sure my reply has something to do with the problem you
encounter.  Sorry.


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