SLOW net connection speed

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Wed Nov 2 04:11:52 PST 2005

Jack B.Thompson wrote:
> Installed  a new clock Battery  Lets try again,
> Hello
> I have 6.RC1 up and  running, all appears well except for Really slow
> page loads,I have checked /etc/resolv.conf and all is correct,
> Have changed card and cable no help,
> Changed OS to SUSE and all works fine,
> Any Ideas would be helpful   As Always Thanks for any replies,Jbt.

Hi Jack,
not much hard data to go on, so I'll just go with the usual posting 
(someone should add this to FAQ if not there already)

( being pedantic, I guess, but  what exactly do you use to test 'speed' 
of pages loading? with what program? what site? )

seriously now, ifconfig settings - are they the same in SUSE & BSD?

how's the ping times to that site precisely when you are trying to load 
the pages? (you may want to do the same thing when in SUSE). traceroute 
to said server? tcpdump would show you if you are having too many 
collisions / MTU /MSS issues.

how long does it take to resolve a domain name? (do you use your own 
caching dns server? your upstream's ? roots? )

any messages in /var/log/messages that may point to issues?

If it's none of the obvious things, i would go straight to do a ktrace 
on the program you are using to browse to see why it's taking so long 
(or gdb if you are really keen <G>)

good luck,

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