tarring over ssh question - pulling from the source to tarfiles

user user at dhp.com
Tue Nov 1 23:20:13 PST 2005


Sometimes I have a bunch of data that I want to transfer from source to
destination over ssh, but I want to tar it up on the way over (that is, I
don't have enough space on the source to create a tarball of the data and
then just scp the tarball over...)

I do that like this:

tar cf - /files | ssh user at "cat >

or if I want to split it into multiple files:

tar cf - /files | ssh user at "split - -b 1024m

This works just fine.


My question is, what if I want to initiate this process from the
destination machine ?  In the above example, I am on the source machine,
and I ssh to the destination, making the tar files as it goes.

What if, instead, I am logged into the destination machine, and I want to
do the same thing - all from the destination machine ?

That is, I know that there is a directory /files on the source that I
want, and I have a login to ssh them to me, but I do not want to logon to
the source - I want to suck /files to me, but also tar them up on the way.

Is that possible ?  rsync/rdist are not available.  I need to do this over
ssh and tar, as in the above examples.


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