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Danny Pansters danny at
Tue Nov 1 18:07:04 PST 2005

On Wednesday 2 November 2005 01:34, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> I understand the frustration and anger here, but let's please think of

I don't have any frustration or anger. I just state my opinion. I'm glad you 
value it highly.

> the newbies (people who are just joining in, lurkers if you will) who
> just want help.
> We all have to make a conscious (sp?) effort to kill this type of stuff.
> Think back when y'all were this the type of stuff you'd
> want to read?

I have to disagree. If any political or otherwise "potentially hurtful" 
content would have to be stripped from all the mailing lists archives the 
n00bs wouldn't be left with a lot of good advice. It's a useless discussion 
and laying the n00b ruler next to it will only make things worse. We've never 
ever censored anything, and I doubt we ever will in the near future (let's 
call that a definate NO). You should rethink what you're asking for.

> I can think of other *nix lists where people can see this stuff as often
> as they want. People come here for the professionalism.
> Who cares who contributed what. We're all in this together, and my
> idealism was we were here to help one another.

It's not about who contributed what at all in this discussion.

> We all know that we expect newbs to reply to the list (as opposed to
> just the original sender), but PLEASE, remove fbsd-q from the reply-all
> address when posting like this.

Not related. General discussions when started at freebsd-questions  sre fair 
game at (grasp) freebsd-questions.

> It's like a hockey game. Does the whole bench need to be involved, or
> can it be solved between a few players who are in the kerfluffel?

You're babbling. Let me wake you up gently here.  What the heck is your point 


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