Quick Routing Question

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Tue Nov 1 17:53:43 PST 2005

> Bingo, it was the static route. The wireless router didn't 
> like getting connection attempts from addresses. 
> Turns out, the FreeBSD machine was operating as advertised. 
> Now it's time to get IPSEC set up.

Awesome :)

You have any q's in your new venture that aren't related to FBSD
directly, email me at steve at ibctech.ca...Otherwise, if they are IPSec
questions via implementation with FBSD directly, hit me and the list.

BTW..FBSD always works as advertised. It's seeking out the other nagging
issues using FBSD as your test platform that usually seeks them out ;)

Keep up the good work. You seem to have built a reasonable understanding
of routing. I hope that you've actually understood/learned something
from all this. I think you have.

I'd say, if you have an extra nic, add a new 172.16/16 subnet in the
mix, and see if you can get that to work too. Either way, move on with
IPSec, and you'll have one nice, strong, segmented, subnetted, secure
wireless and cabled infrastructure, right in your own home!!

After you get IPSec working, we'll get you onto IPFW, and FW tweaking ;)


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