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Danny Pansters danny at
Tue Nov 1 15:09:25 PST 2005

On Tuesday 1 November 2005 19:39, stan wrote:
> YUK!!!!!!!!!

OK I will honestly tell you my first reaction: I laughed until I fell off my 
chair. Then I put my hand in front of my mouth and whispered OMG.

Now the question is who's going to be the first to have the guts to shelve it 
again, cause really what the heck are we supposed to be, the Matrix in Red? 
(that's 20th century BTW, the world moved on since). This is so alien to this 
project you don't even know where to start in commenting on it. I guess the 
devil's out but incomprehensible 20th century quasi 3d flash is in? Look at 
me I can Gimp.

Not that I really care, but, man, if you insist to be the laughing stock by 
all means go ahead...


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