New Logo

kalin mintchev kalin at
Tue Nov 1 14:52:42 PST 2005

  i just saw this. just my opinion... i was going to keep to myself but...
i like freebsd a lot.

> The people who run the project decided to create a
> new logo.

> It sucks

 big time...  like, really. it looks like a pig head from the future or

> but hey, it is better than beastie as a logo.

 not true...

> Beastie is a fine mascot but he is not a logo.

 can be both...

> if you want a BSD with a beastie as a logo, go fork your own where
> you are master

 is this valid for everybody that does not agree with the contest winner?

>> get FreeBSD into a greater market share.


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