WiFi Nintendo-DS and FreeBSD

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Tue Nov 1 04:49:00 PST 2005

In november my DS goes WiFi (in Holland).
Naturaly I want to play games that support this feature.
(MarioKart-DS i.e.) at home ;-)

The FreeBSD related question is:
My main server runs 4.11-stable, some other machines run 5.4

What do I have to do to give this DS wireless access to the net?
What is the best approach?

Only my main server is 24/7 connected (without a hardware router;-)
Do I put a wireless card in this machine?
Is this possible or do I have to upgrade FreeBSD to 6.0 to have WiFi?

It's all new to me (this wireless stuff). All my machines are wired.
So I can use some tips, reading points or suggestions from you.

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